Volume-1 Issue-8, June 2013

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Volume-1 Issue-8, June 2013, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Design of Low Glitch Dynamic Phase Detector for Delay Locked Loop
Shirish Tripathi

Nonlinear Digital PID Controller for Position Controlled Electric Drive Systems
Srikanth Mandarapu1, Sreedhar Lolla2, M.V.Suresh Kumar3

A Modified Shape Feature Extraction Technique for Image Retrieval
A. Srinagesh1, K. Aravinda2, G. P .Saradhi Varma3, A. Govardhan4, M. Sree Latha5

FPGA Implementation of Hybrid Cryptosystem
M. N. Praphul1, K. R. Nataraj2

Novel Compression Techniques for Time Series Signals
Oinam Suchitra Devi1, Hemanth Kumar P.2, S Basavaraj Patil3

Planned Events Across Social Media Sites Using Association Rule Mining Based on Autocorrelation
Prajakta K. Sarolkar1, Meghna Nagori2

Improved IPTV Services in IPv4 and IPv6 Environments Based on Wireless Networks
Imlitoshi Jamir1, Leo Satminlien Singsit2

Nonlinear Observer Design for Chaotic Systems Synchronization with Known or Unknown Parameters
Sonia Hammami

Alternative Fuels for IC Engines
Y. Y. Nandurkar1, S. S Akant2, S.L.Bankar3, R.G.Bodkhe4

Proportioning of Fly Ash Concrete Mixes A Comprehensive Approach
M. N. Balakrishna1, M. C. Nataraja2

Improving the Joint Attention and Intelligibility in Speech of Autistic Children by an Assistive Robot
Gaurav Aggarwal1, Pooja Sehrawat2, Neha Charaya3

Design and Synthesis of Reversible Fault Tolerant Carry Skip Adder/Subtractor
Prashanth. N. G1, Manojkumar. S. B2, Balaji. B. S3, Naveena Pai G4, Havyas. V. B5

Design of AXI4 Protocol Checker for SoC Integration
Veena Abraham1, Soumen Basak2, Sabi S3

A Secure Image Based Steganography and Cryptography with Watermarking
Sarita Poonia1, Mamtesh Nokhwal2, Ajay Shankar3

Generalized Black Hole Attack and Comparative Solution for MANET
Shanu Singh1, Amit Kumar Pandey2, Minu Rani3

Implementation of Secure Authentication Scheme for Mobile Device
Priti Jadhao1, Lalit Dole2

Hybrid Approach for Transliteration of Odia Named Entity to English
Suprava Das1, Rakesh Ch. Balabantaray2

A Comparative Performance Analysis of AODV, DSR and TORA Routing Protocols in MANETs
Davesh Singh Som1, Parma Nand Astya2, Ankur garg3