Volume-2 Issue-4, February 2014

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Volume-2 Issue-4, February 2014, ISSN: 2319-6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Review of Existing Techniques of Lung Nodule Cancer Detection and Existing Algorithms that can be Used for Efficient Detection In Future
Nidhi1, Shilpa Mehta2

Survey on Survey on Computational Effort of Public Key Cryptography for WSNs
Trupti P. Pawale1, Manjunatha2

Development of The Bricks from Red Mud By Industrial Waste (Red Mud)
Manoj Bhaskar1, Salim Akhtar2, Geeta Batham3

Factors Influencing the Adoption of Cloud Computing by Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Economies
Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng1, Kofi Asare Essandoh2

Semantic Web Service Description, Discovery and Integration using Schema Matching Method
Neelendra Badal1, Divya2

Efficient Hierachical Route Allocation for Underwater Sensor Network
R. Bhavya1, N. Nithya2

Map and Identify Desurfaced Soils in Rohtak and Jhajjar District in Last Five Years Using RS
Priyanka Singh1, Rani Devi2, R. S. Hooda3, M. S. Grewal4

Efficient Speed Control of 3-ph Induction Motor with Two Stage IPFC Using 1-ph Supply
Kushal Dhawad1, R. D. Patane2, Vittesh Naphade3

Adobe Bricks Stabilized with Cement and Natural Rubber Latex
Razia Begum1, Ahsan Habib2, Hosne Ara Begum3

Modeling and Analysis of Carbon Fiber Epoxy Based Leaf Spring under the Static Load Condition by Using FEA
Parkhe Ravindra1, Mhaske Raman2, Belkar Sanjay3

C-Glass/Epoxy Composite Material- A Replacement for Steel in Conventional Leaf Spring for Weight Reduction
Mhaske Raman1, Parkhe Ravindra2, Shripad Nimbalkar3

Dynamics in Discrete Time Prey-Predator System with Quadratic Harvesting on Prey
Madhusudanan .V1, Anitha .K2, Vijaya .S3, Gunasekran .M4

Experimental Study on Torsional Reinforcement of Reinforced Cement Concrete Slab with Various End Conditions
V. Selvan1, R. Sundararajan2

Real Time Optical Character Recognition based on Feed Forward Networks
Dipali A. Badade1, Poonam R. Deokar2, Deepali B. Chavan3, Manisha B. Bomble4, Devidas Thosar5

Implementation of Probablity Using FIR Filter
Hemant Singh Pokhariya1, Ravi Kukreti2, Saurabh Maithani3

A Review: Evaluation of Design Parameters of Dental Implant Abutment
Shraddha S.Mandhane1, Amol P. More2