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Volume-5 Issue-3, March 2018, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication Pvt. Ltd.

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P. Ajithkumar, S. Karthikeyen, V. Thamaraiselvan, M. Manoj Arjun, M. Manoj Kumar

Paper Title:

Experimental Investigation on Cenosphere Bricks with Silica Fume 

Abstract: Our project based on made of bricks using cenosphere and silica fume materials. since cenosphere is collected as waste material from thermal power plants and also silica fume known as micro silica collected as a product of the silicon and ferrosilicon alloy producing .those are used as partial replacement material in cement .the ingredients of brick are cenosphere (20%) ,pp cement (18%), quarry dust (50%),silica fume (12%).the mix proportions are mixed and the mould of 230mm×100mm×100 mm used for molding of bricks .then the compressive strength, water absorption test ,efflorescence test ,acid test ,impact test were performed to find out the quality of bricks we have tested few specimen as per proportions to obtain the results . we also compare those bricks with the fly ash bricks now a days these bricks are commonly used instead of clay bricks in construction the brick has a proportion of fly ash (60%) , quarry dust (50%),opc (10%).we introduce cenosphere and silica fume instead of fly ash and also compare these cenosphere bricks with the fly ash bricks.

Keywords: Cenosphere, PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement), Quarry Dust, Compressive, Acid Test, Water Absorption Test and Impact Test, Efflorescence Test.


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Rohit B. Pawar, N. K Nath, S. B. Satpal

Paper Title:

Design and Analysis of Wheel Hub

Abstract: In this project various methodologies adopted by present researcher for analysis of Mahindra TUV wheel hub and upright assembly with main objective of analysis and optimization of the vehicle. This analysis will assist researchers working in the field of development of the structural design and mass reduction of vehicle through optimization methods conducted by FEA software viz. Catia V5 R20 and Ansys (workbench 16). The review includes key areas of researches as shape optimization, static load analysis and fatigue load analysis using FEA. This literature gradually discusses about the research methodology, software and the outcomes of the discussed researches and is planned to give a brief variety of the researches carried out on the wheel hub and upright assembly. 

Keywords: Mahindra TUV, FEA software viz. Catia V5 R20 and Ansys (workbench 16).


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