Volume-1 Issue-6, April 2013

Volume-1 Issue-6, April 2013, ISSN: 2319-6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Microcontroller Based Drip Irrigation System
D. Kotaiah Swamy1, G. Rajesh2, M. Jaya Krishna Pooja3, A. Rama Krishna4

(PV) Rural Home Power Inverter Using FPGA Technology
T. L. N. Tiruvadi1, S. Venkatesh2, K. V. Suneel3, A. Rama Krishna4

Switched Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of DC/AC Ideal Half Bridge Two Level Voltage Source Converte
P. Swaminathan

Wireless Surveillance Robot with Motion Detection and Live Video Transmission
A. Sivasoundari1, S. Kalaimani2, M. Balamurugan3

High Performance SiGe Power HBTs for Portable Microwave Applications
L. Megala1, B. Devanathan2

Innovative Ideas for Manufacturing of the Green Concrete by Utilizing the Used Foundry Sand and Pozzocrete
Dushyant R. Bhimani1, Jayeshkumar Pitroda2, Jaydev J. Bhavsar3

Enhancing the Security in Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector
Bhagia Nidhi1, Manmohan Sharma2

Need for an Intrusion Detection System: A Systematic Review
Roohi Sharma

Secure Software Development a Survey
Sunil Patel1, Deepak Kulhare2, Arif Khan3

New Approach for Face Recognition Across Variable Illuminations
Khushboo B. Trivedi1, V. T. Gaikwad2

High-Dimensional Confidential Data Mash up using Service- Oriented Architecture
Pradeep Gurunathan1, N. Ishwarya2, V. Sridevi3, C. Nandhini4, S. Deepalakshmi5

A Study on Encoding and Security in the Databases
Vemuri Saranya1, Ch.V. Phani Krishna2

Electric Field Effects on Biological Issues- A Case Study
R. Sudha1, Femina Sarbudeen2, Sharmila Hussain3

Impact of Mobile Phones on Human Life Cycle
G. Murugaboopathi1, G. Sankar2, T. Praveen3

Optimum Zigbee based Wireless Control of Industrial Automation Processes
Yaswanth Manikanta

Forest Fire Detection: Various Approaches
Parul Mohindru1, Vikshant Khanna2, Rajdeep Singh3

Face Recognition Using PCA & Neural Network
Hemant Singh Mittal1, Harpreet Kaur2

Comparison of SDLC-2013 Model with Other SDLC Models by using COCOMO
Naresh Kumar1, Pinky Chandwal2

Performance Analysis of Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) Protocol
Vikshant Khanna1, Parul Mohindru2

8-Bit Radix-4 Booth Multiplier Using GDI Technique
Ankita Dhankar1, Satyajit Anand2

Distribution of Radial Stresses In Deep Drawing Process
R. Uday Kumar

Petroleum Hydrocarbons Adsorption from Aqueous Solution by Raw Sugarcane Bagasse
R. Behnood1, B. Anvaripour2, N. Jaafarzade Haghighi Fard3, M. Farasati4

Effect of Wind Speed, Slip and Field Excitation on Dynamic Behavior of Multi-Machine Power Systems with Doubly Fed Induction Generator
D. Padma Subramanian1, Harinee.K2

A Novel Approach for Displaying Data on LCD Directly From PC Using FPGA
Neha R. Laddha1, A.P.Thakare2

Volume-1 Issue-5, March 2013

Volume-1 Issue-5, March 2013, ISSN: 2319-6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Design of Snubber Circuit for Thyristors Using Pspice
Nancy Merin Thomas

An EOQ Model for Deteriorating Items with Quadratic Demand and Time Dependent Holding Cost
R.Amutha1, E.Chandrasekaran2

A Review of Memory Circuit Design Trend in Nanotechnology
Yogesh N. Thakre1, Shubhada S. Thakare2, Devendra S. Chaudhari3

Effect of Multiple Sinks on the Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks
Gajendra Sanjay Vyas1, Vivek S. Deshpande2

A Review on Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Controlling Methods for A Photovoltaic System
Pawan D. Kale1, D. S. Chaudhari2

A Spatio-Temporal Adaptive Processing For Modeling of Seaborne Clutter
Rajeev Kr. Singh1, Shams Tabrej Alam2, Geetali Chakraborty3, Sudarshan Chakravorty4

Dual Band and Tri Band Pentagonal Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Communication Systems
Sudipta Kumar Banerjee1, Sourav Saha2, Rajarshi Sanyal3

A Comparative Analysis of Clustering based Segmentation Algorithms in Microarray Images
Lakshmana Phaneendra Maguluri1, Keshav Rajapanthula2, P. Naga Srinivasu3

Innovative Idea of Cleaner Production as a Powerful Combination of Cost Savings and Environmental Improvements
Er. Kiran V. Patel1, Chetna M Vyas2

Various Attacks and their Countermeasure on all Layers of RFID System
Gursewak Singh1, Rajveer Kaur2, Himanshu Sharma3

A Token based Distributed Group Mutual Exclusion Algorithm with Quorums for MANET
Pratvina Talele1, Milind Penurkar2, Saranga Bhutada3, Harsha Talele4

Data Dissemination Model for IP cloud through Wireless Sensor Network
Neha P. Sathe1, Vivek S.Deshpande2

Methodology of Cloud Computing
Konijeti Meghana1, Y. Madhavi Latha2, V. Samson Deva Kumar3, Suresh Angadi4

A Survey on Annotation Using Natural Language Vocabulary in CBIR
Gurdeep Kaur1, Gaganpreet Kaur2, Sushil Garg3

Design of Low Power Phase Frequency Detectors for Delay Locked Loop
Raj Nandini1, Himadri Singh Raghav2, B.P.Singh3

Techno-Commercial Aspects of Superconducting Transformers – A Case Study
B. Dheeraj Reddy1, K. Dinesh Kumar2, R. Sudha3

An FPGA-Based Real-Time Face Detection & Recognition System across Illumination
K. Veeramanikandan1, R.Ezhilarasi2, R. Brindha3

Characterization of Electromyography Signals of the Forearm Muscles from Pen-Tip Coordinates, Using RELS Algorithm
Ines Chihi1, Afef Abdelkrim2, Mohamed Benrejeb3

Effect of Water Absorption and Sorptivity on Durability of Pozzocrete Mortar
Rushabh A. Shah1, Jayeshkumar Pitroda2

Intelligent Wireless Communication System of Cognitive Radio
G S Ajay Kumar Reddy1, U Ganga Raju2, P Aravind3, D Sushma4

Design & Simulation of CMOS Inverter at Nanoscale beyond 22nm
Adil Zaidi1, Kapil Garg2, Ankit Verma3, Ashish Raheja4


Volume-1 Issue-4, February 2013

Volume-1 Issue-4, February 2013, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Secure Multisignature Generation for Group Communication
Rutba Maqsood1, Surabhi Thukral2, Divya Upadhyay3

Selfish Nodes Detection Using Random 2ack In MANET’s
G.Muruga Boopathi1, N.Insozhan2, S.Vinod3

Designing Adaptive Web-based e-Learning Environment for Converging-type Learners’ in Engineering Institutions of Bangladesh
Md. Abu Raihan1, Seung Lock Han2

File Encryption and Decryption Using Secure RSA
Rajan. S. Jamgekar1, Geeta Shantanu Joshi2

Signal Processing Algorithm of STC Waveforms for Statistical MIMO Radar: Overview on Target Localization
Samiran Pramanik1, Nirmalendu Bikas Sinha2, Chandan Kumar Sarkar3

Intelligent Transportation System using Automotive WiMAX Radar Networks
Samiran Pramanik1, Nirmalendu Bikas Sinha2, Chandan Kumar Sarkar3, Rabindranath Bera4

A Fast-Acting DC-Link Voltage Controller for Three-Phase DSTATCOM to Compensate AC and DC Loads
Ajith Bharadwaz.1, Ch G. DevadasK.2, Girinath Babu3

Scalable Access Control in Cloud Computing Using Hierarchical Attribute Set Based Encryption (HASBE)
A. Vishnukumar1, G. Muruga Boopathi2, S. Sabareessh3

Design of High Speed Kogge-Stone Based Carry Select Adder
Pakkiraiah Chakali1, Madhu Kumar Patnala2

Design of Kogge-Stone and Brent-Kung Adders using Degenerate Pass Transistor Logic
Adilakshmi Siliveru1, M.Bharathi2

Transcendental and Optimized Digital Designing Using Reversible Logic
Divyansh Mathur1, Prachi Singh2, Sunita Singh3

Simplified Power Converter for Integrated Traction Energy Storage
A.Ramaditya Kiran1, G. Anil2, B. Venkatesh3

Implementation of a DC Power System with PVGrid- Connection and Active Power Filtering
D. Ramakrishna1, Ch. shanker Rao2, G. Udhay Bhanu3

Techniques for Detection of Rusting of Metals using Image Processing: A Survey
Vandana Sharma1, Tejinder Thind2

Survey on Multidimensional and Conditional Hybrid Dimensional Association Rule Mining
Nilam K. Nakod1, M. B.Vaidya2

Review of System Maintenance and Troubleshooting Of Solar Photovoltaic Grid Connected System
Arti Saxena1, S. K. Mishra2

Modeling and Performance Evaluation of the Operating Room in a Hospital
F. Bennis1, M. Amghar2, N. Sbiti3, A.Elouadi4

Volume-1 Issue-3, January 2013

Volume-1 Issue-3, January 2013, ISSN: 2319-6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Implementation and Evaluation of GPSR and M-LAER in Mobile WiMAX Networks
M. Deva Priya1, M.L Valarmathi2, M. Deepa3, K. Jaya Bharathi4

Implementation of Autonomous Network Reconfiguration System in Wireless Networks
K.R.Arjunadhityaa1, G.Murugaboopathi2, T.K.S.Rathish Babu3

Design & Implementation of FPGA Based on PID Controller with Motor & Sensor
Rajesh Nema1, Rajeev Thakur2, Ruchi Gupta3

Unobservable Privacy-Preserving Routing in MANET
P. Thamizharasi1, D.Vinoth2

Unique LSB Compression Data Hiding Method
Ashwini Jarali1, Jyoti Rao2

Shipyard Management through Android Technology
Arun Kumar. R

Comparative Study and Simulation Based Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols Using NS-2
Pratik Gite1, Sanjay Thakur2

Content-Based Image Retrieval with Graph Theoretic Approach
Ali Broumandnia1, Mostafa Cheraghi2, Mohsen Azararjmand3

Design and Analysis of Nano Fractal Antenna Protection Chip to Overcome Crimes Against Women and Remedial Measures
Aruna Rani1, R. K. Singh2, Ashish Negi3

An Approach on Coding and Congestion Aware Routing Mechanism in MANET
Nilesh R. Rathod1, Hardik J. Patel2

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Intelligent Techniques


Volume-1 Issue-2, December 2012,

Volume-1 Issue-2, December 2012, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Extended Kalman Filter Based State Estimation of Stepper Motor
Sumathi K1, Vijayachitra S2

Effect of SVD Based Processing on the Perception of Voiced and Unvoiced Consonants
Balvinder kour1, Randhir Singh2, Parveen Lehana3

Automatic Battery Charging Algorithms for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
F.Vijay Amirtha Raj

Lung Nodule Detection in CT Images Using Thresholding and Morphological Operations
Sudha. V1, Jayashree. P2

Overcoming the Challenges of Communication and Intercultural Problems in Managing Distributed Software Projects
Tanmaya Kumar Das1, Dillip Kumar Mahapatra2, Gopa Krishna Pradhan3


Volume-1 Issue-1, November 2012

Volume-1 Issue-1, November 2012, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Optimised Design Of Dual-Band Cellular Repeater At Different Frequency Bands (GSM 1800/ DCS, 3G)
Kotaprolu Nanda Kishore1, Vakkalagadda Prasad2, Mada Yaswanth Manikanta3, T.Ravi4, Anup VSAP Josyula5

An Improved Statistical Model for Protein Secondary Structure Prognostication
Aswathy. Ravikumar1, Saritha. R2