Volume-1 Issue-4, February 2013

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Volume-1 Issue-4, February 2013, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Secure Multisignature Generation for Group Communication
Rutba Maqsood1, Surabhi Thukral2, Divya Upadhyay3

Selfish Nodes Detection Using Random 2ack In MANET’s
G.Muruga Boopathi1, N.Insozhan2, S.Vinod3

Designing Adaptive Web-based e-Learning Environment for Converging-type Learners’ in Engineering Institutions of Bangladesh
Md. Abu Raihan1, Seung Lock Han2

File Encryption and Decryption Using Secure RSA
Rajan. S. Jamgekar1, Geeta Shantanu Joshi2

Signal Processing Algorithm of STC Waveforms for Statistical MIMO Radar: Overview on Target Localization
Samiran Pramanik1, Nirmalendu Bikas Sinha2, Chandan Kumar Sarkar3

Intelligent Transportation System using Automotive WiMAX Radar Networks
Samiran Pramanik1, Nirmalendu Bikas Sinha2, Chandan Kumar Sarkar3, Rabindranath Bera4

A Fast-Acting DC-Link Voltage Controller for Three-Phase DSTATCOM to Compensate AC and DC Loads
Ajith Bharadwaz.1, Ch G. DevadasK.2, Girinath Babu3

Scalable Access Control in Cloud Computing Using Hierarchical Attribute Set Based Encryption (HASBE)
A. Vishnukumar1, G. Muruga Boopathi2, S. Sabareessh3

Design of High Speed Kogge-Stone Based Carry Select Adder
Pakkiraiah Chakali1, Madhu Kumar Patnala2

Design of Kogge-Stone and Brent-Kung Adders using Degenerate Pass Transistor Logic
Adilakshmi Siliveru1, M.Bharathi2

Transcendental and Optimized Digital Designing Using Reversible Logic
Divyansh Mathur1, Prachi Singh2, Sunita Singh3

Simplified Power Converter for Integrated Traction Energy Storage
A.Ramaditya Kiran1, G. Anil2, B. Venkatesh3

Implementation of a DC Power System with PVGrid- Connection and Active Power Filtering
D. Ramakrishna1, Ch. shanker Rao2, G. Udhay Bhanu3

Techniques for Detection of Rusting of Metals using Image Processing: A Survey
Vandana Sharma1, Tejinder Thind2

Survey on Multidimensional and Conditional Hybrid Dimensional Association Rule Mining
Nilam K. Nakod1, M. B.Vaidya2

Review of System Maintenance and Troubleshooting Of Solar Photovoltaic Grid Connected System
Arti Saxena1, S. K. Mishra2

Modeling and Performance Evaluation of the Operating Room in a Hospital
F. Bennis1, M. Amghar2, N. Sbiti3, A.Elouadi4