Volume-2 Issue-8, June 2014

Volume-2 Issue-8, June 2014, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Comparative Analysis of Various Edge Detection Techniques and Cancer Cell Detection using Sobel Algorithm
K. J. S Lorraine1, K. Bala Teja2, G. Durga Devi3, K. Harika4

A Survey of Various Attacks and Their Security Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Network
Gursewak Singh1, Rajni Bedi2

Optimization of Sound Pressure Level of Air Intake System by using GT-Power
Vishal Vaidya1, P. P. Hujare2

Applying Information Hiding into Fingerprint Verification System using Fragile Watermarking Technique
Jitendra Kumar Gothwal1, Ram Singh2

Energy Efficient Coordinated Cooperative Cache Replacement Algorithms for Social Wireless Networks
Surabattina Sunanda1, Abdul Rahaman Shaik2

A Hybrid Model for Autonomous Danish-Arabic Statistical Machine Translation
Mossab Al-Hunaity

Volume-2 Issue-7, May 2014

Volume-2 Issue-7, May 2014, ISSN: 2319-6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

ECG Signal Fibrillation Classification on Android Platform: A Survey Approach
Kritika Bawa1, Pooja Sabharwal2

Heavy Metal Contamination in Raw Honey, Soil and Flower Samples Obtained from Baringo and Keiyo Counties, Kenya
Maiyo, W. K1, Kituyi, J. L2, Mitei Y. J3, Kagwanja, S. M.4

VLSI Implementation of DES & TDES Algorithm with Cipher Block Concept
Chethan Kumar K. V.1, S. Sujatha2

Nitrogen Oxides Emission Prediction in Coal Based Thermal Power Plant using Artificial Neural Network
Milind S. Mankar1, Ashish M. Vyawahare2, Jitendra S. Pachbhai3

Security Issues and Challenges in Cloud Computing
Basel Saleh Al-Attab1, H. S. Fadewar2

Distributive Reprogramming of Wireless Sensor Nodes with Secure Data Transmission
B. Navin1, S. Benila2

Natural Refrigerants based Automobile Air Conditioning System
Sohail Bux1, A.C. Tiwari2

Duckweed Plant: A Better Future Option for Phytoremediation
Ekta Chaudhary1, Praveen Sharma2

Volume-2 Issue-5, March 2014

Volume-2 Issue-5, March 2014, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Experimental Investigation of Two Stroke Copper Coated Spark Ignition Engine with Gasoline and Gasohol
S. Narasimha Kumar

The Effect of Electroless Cu Coating of SiC Particles on the Mechanical Properties of Al6061 based Cast Composite
Mohamed Zakaulla1, A. R. Anwar Khan2, P. G. Mukunda3

Distributed Accountability and Logging Mechanism for Data Sharing in the Cloud
K. Prabakaran1, M. Viswanathan2

Reactive Power Compensation in Wind Power Plant Using SVC and STATCOM
Saeed Amini1, Md. Tavakoli Bina2, Amin Hajizadeh3

Reactive Power Controller Design for Single- Phase Grid- Connected Photovoltaic Systems
Ehsan Rezapour1, Md. Tavakoli Bina2, Amin Hajizadeh3

A Modern Approach for Urgent Script Cluster Processing and Summarization with Involuntary Length Recognition
K. Nithya1, A. Rajiv Kannan2

Cloud Compiler and Technical Support
Nirmala N. Pansare1, Ashwini C. Ithape2, Shamal R. Gawande3, A. D. Jadhav4

A Survey on Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ram Baksh

Existence of Critical Gompertz Parameter for Solid Tumour Growth Model and Its Asymptotic Expression
M. Pitchaimani1, G. Somasundara Ori2

Evaluation and Enhancement of Thermal Transport Characteristics of Metal Matrix Composites and Contact Interfaces
G.V Krishna Reddy1, H. S. Monohar N. Chikkanna2, B. Umamaheswar Goud3

Video Recovery and Enhancement
Waman Sudhir K.1, Patil Shamli N.2, Bhamare Bhushan B.3, Thorat Avinash A.4, Gaikwad Kundan K.5

Robots Exclusion Protocol
Pooja Jha1, Soni Goyal2, Tanya Kumari3, Neha Gupta4

Intra Frame Coding for Advanced Video Coding Standard to Control PSNR and Bitrate Using Gaussian Pulse
Manjanaik .N1, Manjunath .R2

Investigating the Applicability of Dynamic Pricing to Ghana’s Telecom Infrastructure Market
Alexander Osei-Owusu1, Stephen E Armah2

Deformation of CAD Surface Models Using Programming Approach: A Review
M. D. Pasarkar1, S. B. Thakre2

CBIR Representation in Terms of Rotation Invariant Texture using LBP Variance
Rushikesh T. Bankar1, Rudra Prasad Patra2, Arjun Choudhari3, Gaurav Jasutkar4

Nutritive Values of Some Non-Conventional Leafy Vegetables of Ethnic Sources from Nagaland, N.E. India
Dimple Gogoi1, Ratul Ch. Rajkhowa2, A.K Handique3

Electric Melting Furnace – A Review
Sneha P. Gadpayle1, Rashmi N. Baxi2

Infinite Beams on Elastic Foundation by Using Meshfree Method
H. Y. Kaundanyapure1, P. J. Salunke2, N. G. Gore3

Green Infrastructure – An Important Factor in the Preservation and Use of Biodiversity to Reduce Diffuse Pollution and Production of Biomass
Iuliana Florentina Gheorghe1, Ion Barbu2


Volume-2 Issue-3, January 2014

Volume-2 Issue-3, January 2014, ISSN: 2319-6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

A High Power Single to Three Phase Converter for Renewable Application
S. Meenakshi1, D. Manimegalai2, R. Sivasankari3

Updating of Road Network Using Image Processing and Remote sensing Techniques
K. S. Prabhakar1, N. Sathya2, B. Subhashini3

Cost Optimization In Dc Solenoid Valve Used In Air Braking By Replacing Copper Winding Wire To Aluminum
K. R. Sugavanam1, R. Senthil Kumar2, S. Sri Krishna Kumar3, A. Haswinchitra4, R. Rohini5

Internet Phishing and Current Trend
E. D. Ansong1, D. Damoah2, J. B. Hayfron-Acquah3, Amponsah-Kaakyire K.4, G. Nagappan5

Lung Image Segmentation Using Rotation Invariance and Template Matching
Nidhi1, Varun Bhardwaj2

Implementation and Performance Analysis of AODV Routing Protocol in VANETs
Himanshu Saini1, Rajarshi Mahapatra2

Efficient Real – Time Analysis for Sequence of Medical Images Using Support Vector Machine
T. Abinaya1, A. Shobana2, S. Mekala3, P. Maragathavalli4

Complex Effects in Dynamics of Prey-Predator Model with Holling Type II Functional Response
Vijaya Lakshmi. G. M1, Vijaya S.2, Gunasekaran M.3

Maximum Power Point Tracking with Artificial Neural Network
Divyansh Mathur

Design of Cost Effective Wave Flume for Oil Spill Studies
R. Samuel Devadoss

Real Time System Partition for Multithreading Applications
S. Jalaja1, R. Sivaranjani2,V. Tamil Mullai3

Simulation of Power System Transient Disturbances in MATLAB
Waqar A. Adil1, Aslam P. Memon2, M. Usman Keerio3, Ahsan Zafar4