Volume-1 Issue-7, May 2013

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Volume-1 Issue-7, May 2013, ISSN: 2319–6378 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication

Integrating Kano Model and Herzberg Two Factor Theory to Unveil the Third Quality Factor of Patient Satisfaction in a Multispecialty Outdoor Medical Centre
Mitrabasu1, Neelam Chhillar2

A Survey Report of Initial Value Problem with Boundary Value Problems
Y. Madhavi Reddy1, P. Venkata Ramana2

Secure Captcha Input Based Spam Prevention
L. Devi Priya1, S. Karthik2

Assessment of Computer Literacy at Secondary Education Level in Rural Areas of Sindh (Pakistan)
Muhammad Nawaz Tunio1, Nazia Rasheed Arain2, Shazia Parveen Tunio3

A Study on Charanka Solar Park and Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in India
Reshma Banu.M1, Sowghandhi2, Pulidindi Venugopal2

Quality Metrics in Ubiquitous Computing
Rutuja K Pensionwar1, Anil Kumar Mishra2, Latika Singh3

Simulation Results and Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Narendra Kumar Agarwal1, Vishal Shrivastava2

Body Sensor Network: Monitoring and Analysing Real Time Body Parameters in Medical Perspect
Ashwini Singh1, Ajeet Kumar2, Pankaj Kumar3, M.A Mujeeb4

Speech Recognition and Verification Using MFCC & VQ
Kashyap Patel1, R.K. Prasad2

Redundant Transmission of Sensed data in Wireless Sensors and Actor Networks for Improved Reliability
Selvaradjou1, K. Bharathi Manjula2

Optimization of Material Removal Rate in Electric Discharge Machining Using Mild Steel
Gaurav Raghav1, B.S. Kadam2, Manjeet Kumar3

A Comparative Dimensionality Reduction Approach For Face Recognitionunder Uncontrolled Illumination Variations
Neenu Prasad

Human Computer Interaction Using Eye and Speech: The Hybrid Approach
Hansaraj S. Wankhede1, S. A. Chhabria2, R. V. Dharaskar3

Partially Improved Subsequence Discovery Algorithm for Sequence Matching
A. D. Pathak1, S. J. Karale2

Energy Distributed Clustering for Improving Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network
Vaibhav V. Deshpande1, A. R. Bhagat Patil2

Foreground Extraction in the Compressed Imaging Domain Using Saliency Detection Technique
Radhika P. Fuke1, M V. Saroder2

An Efficient way of Record Linkage System and Deduplication using Indexing Techniques, Classification and FEBRL Framework
Nishand. K1, Ramasami. S2, T. Rajendran3

A System of Humanizing Test Automation Outlay Efficiency
Saket Vihari1, Arun Prakash Agrawal2

Mixed Ligand Complexes Containing (2-Hydroxy- 4 -Methoxyphenyl) (Phenyl) Methanone and 2-Aminophenol: Synthesis and DNA Cleavage
P. Subbaraj1, A. Ramu, N. Raman2, J. Dharmaraja3

Virtual Machine Scheduling for Architectural Shared Resources in Open Stack Based Cloud
Jayalakshmi N1, Sagar B M2

Local Maximum Lifetime Algorithms for Strong Barrier Using Coordinated Sensors
Sunil Kumar C A

Identifying Best Association Rules and their Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm
Arvind Jaiswal1, Gaurav Dubey2

Optimization of Organic Light Emitting Devices
Divakar Singh1, Bal Krishan2

Study of Clustering and Neighbor Detection Protocol in MANET for Energy Efficiency
Minu Rani1, Rekha Yadav2, Suman Sehrawat3

Real Time Emotion Recognition through Facial Expressions for Desktop Devices
P. M. Chavan1, Manan C. Jadhav2, Jinal B. Mashruwala3, Aditi K. Nehete4, Pooja A. Panjari5

Multiparameter Monitoring and Fault Indication Using Inductive Power Transfer System
K.P.Shaji1, I.Alsheba2, Y.A.Syed Khadar3, S.Kannan4